Mary-Lou, americana and folk with a french touch !


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Since the beginning of 2008, you are able, wherever you are, to order Mary-Lou cd's and dvd's on line.

With PayPal, it is quick, safe and easy.

Just have a look on our online store. Prices are low, and there's a free poster of the band for each order.

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Mary-Lou - Band members

Mary-Lou band is:

Mary 1

Jean-Luc 1

Mary (vocals, acoustic guitar, washboard, fiddle, kazoo) and Jean-Luc (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar, dobro, harmonica)

with :

Stephane Dhondt (keyboard, vocals harmonies) and Benoit Perset (drums or bass)

StephBen 1

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Mary-Lou - Discography



"Jusqu'à Demain" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML013 (2021)










"Vagabondage, Vol. II" CD (HOBOES duet)

Louise Bell Prod - H03 (2020)










"Le goût de la liberté" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML012 (2017)










"Southern Sessions" CD (HOBOES duet + american friends)

Louise Bell Prod - H02 (2015)











"Rencontre Folk, Country & Western" CD (Mary-Lou + LMonesome Day)

Louise Bell Prod - RF01 (2013)





Mary-Lou album Courrier Transatlantique

"Music Medecine Show" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML011 (2012)





The Hoboes album Vagabondage

"Vagabondage" CD (HOBOES duet)

Louise Bell Prod - H01 (2011)





Mary-Lou album Courrier Transatlantique"Courrier Transatlantique" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML010 (2009)





Compilation France Bluegrass Volume II

 Compilation "France Bluegrass" Vol II / 2 CDs

 Land of Plenty Prod - (2009)




"Americana Favorites" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML009 (2006)





Mary-Lou DVD En Concert"Mary-Lou en concert" DVD

Louise Bell Prod - ML008 (2006)








"Mary-Lou 1998/2000" New edition 2 CDs

Louise Bell Prod - ML25 (2005)





Compilation "France Bluegrass" Vol I

Land of Plenty Prod - (2004)




 Mary-Lou album Les Orages de Poussière"Les Orages de Poussière" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML007 (2003)





Mary-Lou album Live Music"Live Music" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML006 (2002)






Compilation "Efferv' Essonne Pré-Mix"

Conseil Général de l'Essonne(2001)





Mary-Lou album Histoires Vraies (ou pas)

"Histoires vraies (ou pas)" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML005 (2000)





Mary_Lou_CD_promo_Histoires_vraies"Le Folk est à tout le monde" CD

Louise Bell Prod - ML004 (2000)





Mary_Lou_Mon_Préféré"Mon Préféré" CD

Produc Scène - ML003 (1999)





Mary-Lou album Honky Tonk Music"Honky-Tonk Music" CD

Produc Scène - ML002 (1998)

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Mary-Lou - Lyrics

You can access to all of our lyrics in french (+ guitar chords) on this page (all titles are in alphabetical order) :

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