Mary-Lou - Mary's washboards

After beeing exhibited in the One and Only Hardware shop of Quimper, for the Mary-Lou Band's 10th anniversary, my washboards collection was sadly resting in old cases ...
So I had the idea to make an exhibition on the walls of our own studio ... have a look !


and another washboard from our last trip in USA last april :


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Mary-Lou Jam in the studio

Summer is often a time to meet friends end spend very special musical moments. Please make yourself at home in our studio .

Booste le trafic de ton blog

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Panama Red and Mary-Lou pics

Our friend Panama Red, songwriter, guitar player and singer, a famous character of the Americana stage of the Nashville area, came this summer to play 5 concerts with Mary-Lou. He translated and adapted a Jean-Luc's song "A la santé des empires déchus" that became "A toast to the fallen empires". He left with the project of recording "Ar Steir" on his next cd. On our side, we work on a song he wrote (but not recorded yet) : "San Antonio Rosé". Here are some memories of the time he spent with us. Mary_Lou___Panama_Mary_Lou___Panama_
Festival of Pont Scorff : Stéphane Dhondt (keyboard), Mary, Jean-Luc and Panama

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Mary-Lou listen to "Ma P'tite Lili"

Ma p'tite Lili (J.L. Brosse). DVD "Mary-Lou en concert" ML008

To listen : Mary-Lou_Ma_P'tite_Lili

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Mary-Lou Listen to "I love you honey"

I love you honey (album "Americana Favorites" 2006).

To listen : Mary-Lou_I_love_you_honey

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Mary-Lou Listen to "A chercher"

A chercher (J.L. Brosse) album "Les Orages de Poussière" 2003.

To listen : Mary-Lou_A_chercher

To order click here

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Mary-Lou pics


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Hello folks !

We are happy to welcome you on this blog.

You will find here all the news, pictures, informations, lyrics about the french band Mary-Lou © country folk.

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