The Mary-Lou band on tour everywhere in France



P1080010Some gigs in Brittany at the beginning of august with our friend and drummer Benoît Perset (the one who plays on our cds). In Benodet (29) and at the  "Combourg's (35) Festival de la Lanterne".

(photos Marie Perset)




(photos Jacques Goascoz)

Thanks to the Tourism Office. We heared many bands in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the many many people of the Place Albert Parent.


Now we're back home. The summer tour is almost over. It has been very hard this year. Some pics from our last gigs in the south. Nîmes first, "the town with an accent" had invited us for the second time this summer, thursday 08/19. "Buffalo" played some harmonica with us and he kindly sent some pictures. Thanks to him. If you made pics or videos at a concert, please send them to us.


CIMG1400CIMG1402CIMG1395The day after,, gig in Lacanau (private campground),  then Charente, near Nanteuil en Vallée, A very cute place where we were playing for a private party. We were glad to meet again many friends, and, despite of the very high temperature (a Florida feeling) we, and the hundred of people there, will keep wonderful memories of that night : music, love and friendship under the stars. The real thing ! Thanks to Francine and Claude ! Happy Trails !

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Mary and Jean-Luc as "The Hoboes" in a chapel

S7307652We played last saturday in St Ségal (Finistère). This small town near Châteaulin had invited The Hoboes to play their "Country Tales and Train Songs" in the St Sébastien Chapel. A hundred of people were there. You can visit that extraordinary building for free untill the end of August.

A lovely audience and a great night.

Thanks to the town and to Virginie Foutel who is in charge of the booking.

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Sven Faringen with the Mary-Lou band

A fewdays ago, we had Sven Faringen, the swedish fiddler of the Long Gone Smiles Band, at home, with Anette, his wife. We met some years ago The Long Gone Smiles Band on internet.

They define themselves as the spiritual sons of Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. They won several contests in Sweden and USA and are among the best musicians of their country. They often travel to USA to play, like us.
Sven came for a gig to play with us. Here are some pics.




The Long Gone Smiles Band just released a new album that we do recommend to you :


Please have a look on their website : http://www.bluestandardmusic.com/index.html
and buy their cd if you don't have it yet.

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I wanna be a cowboy's sweetheart - Mary-Lou and The Volleyball Jones Pickers

We recorded that Patsy Montana song with The Volleyball Jones Pickers in Jacksonville (Arkansas) on their way back from California to Florida. The Volleyball Jones pickers also called the Bluegrass Bombers are a bluegrass band of 4 very kind guys who are wonderful musicians. David Durham (upright bass), John Lee (vocals, dobro, banjo, guitar, banjobro), David Evans (vocals, fiddle, mandolin) & Steve Evans (guitar, vocals).

Stephane Dhondt, our piano player stayed in france because of the volcano. We had a wonderful time in Arkansas playing music and shooting that clip. Thank you the pickers.

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Mary-Lou and Lonesome Day - new video

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mary-Lou and Lonesome Day

You know we like to play music with friends in France, Europe, and USA as well. We are working on a new show with Marion (voice, harmonica, dobro, lap steel) and Jean-Paul (voice, mandolin, guitar) from the Lonesome Day band of Brittany. Acoustic country, bluegrass, folk, new songs and covers, that we love to play together.
We will play a couple of gigs together each year.

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Pics of the Mary-Lou band live



Some pics of our concert in Courcouronnes, november 2009
All the pictures are available here.

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Mary-Lou band in Netherlands


We played a few days ago at the Café de l'Epoque in Rouen (Normandy). A very friendly night in this magic place that fights to keep french music and blues alive.

Then, road to Netherlands for the 20th anniversary our our friend Rob "The Doc" band, Bootleg.


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Buy the France Bluegrass 2 compilation

The France Bluegrass 2 is available since august 2009.
30 songss, and an almost exhaustive picture of the french bluegrass and folk music.
This double cd is available on the Mary-Lou website (15 Euros + 3 € shipping)

Buy 2 CDs and get the free mailing.


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