Mary-Lou videos from the spring tour

Here are a few videos from our US tour in spring. Thanks to Geo. Perzel, to Gail and Tom Watts and to Miles and Pal. Enjoy !



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A new album for the Hoboes "Vagabondage" (Rambling)

CD-H01_p4_1Vagabondage (Rambling)

It is the title of the new album of the Hoboes.

Jean-Luc has just done the mix, Mary and Jocelyn have finished the booklet.

13 titles including "Miss The Mississippi and You", "San Francisco Bay Blues", "Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea"...

The cd will be available the 21st of June 2011.CCF04032011_00000

Here's a sample of one of the songs of Vagabondage : Strawberry Jam, a song written by Michelle Shocked.

Like this record, simple and warm.


10€ (+ 3€ shipping)

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Mary-Lou at the Cook Shack

We were honored to play at the Cook Shack, Union Grove, NC, one of the famoust venues of NC. We had a great pleasure playing our songs ans americana covers in front of an audience that know each single word of the songs.


A few videos of our friend Tom Watts


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The circle can't be broken

The people who were in Plozevet last sunday for our great OBAMA PARTY heard a phone conversation about the election with our friends in North Carolina. Here's the mail then sent to us.

Bonsoir J-L and Mary,

That was sooooooooooooooooo much fun today to talk with you and we hope we answered your questions. The connection was not clear, so it was very hard to understand. Perhaps the airways were busy today. But still, what a wonderful thing to have so many friends and other French around celebrating the Obama victory. We are touched and thankful for your leadership in getting the day together. We have told many, many of our friends about your celebration and every person was thrilled to know about it and appreciated the support for Obama. As we have said, practically all of our friends and family supported Obama and they have all heard us talk of the warmth of the French in general and of the warmth of our friends there in particular. Again, thanks for being Jean-Luc and Mary and for your love and support. It means much.

C'était siiiiiiiiiiiii sympa aujourd'hui de parler avec vous, et nous espérons que nous avons répondu à vos questions. La liaison n'était pas nette, aussi c'était très difficile de se comprendre. Peut être les lignes étaient-elles encombrées aujourd'hui. Mais, en tout cas, c'est merveilleux d'avoir tant d'amis et de français autour de vous pour fêter la victoire d'Obama. Nous sommes touchés et reconnaissants pour votre initiative d'organiser cette fête. Nous avons parlé à beaucoup, beaucoup de nos amis de votre fête et chacun en était très ému et touché de votre soutien à Obama. Comme on vous l'a dit, pratiquement tous nos amis et leurs familles soutenaient Obama et ils nous ont tous entendu leur dire combien les francais étaient chaleureux, et nos amis francais en particulier. encore merci pour ce que vous êtes, pour votre amitié et votre soutien. Cela signifie beaucoup.

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