The studio sessions of Mary-Lou new cd

We are working hard on the recording of our new songs, and here are some pics.

Benoit Perset just recorded the drums on 10 of the 12 titles that will be on the cd. Jean-Luc is done with the bass takes with his new Precision ! Mary played the guitar on 3 songs. Stephane joined thursday to begin his takes  of piano and organ. 4 songs in the day, not bad. But we have to send all the tracks to Pete Winter, in the Talahassee Winterstone Studio , for the mix and the mastering at the beginning of aplril ... Well, let's not panic, we got to speed slowly !

A last minute guest, Dominique Adelin, Mary's fiddle teacher, is gonna play fiddle on one song...

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Mary-Lou' s music on CD Baby / Buy or download

Since 2008, CD Baby sells our music all over the world. You can buy or download most of the songs. Even the CD's that are not on sale anymore can be downloaded. And you can listen to samples of all the titles ! Enjoy...

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We and our friends support Barack Obama


barack_obamaFor the first time in the USA story, a camdidate campain is supported only by the momey of the people. No lobby, no industrial, no financial gift.
As non american, we can't directly help . Hopefully, our friend Panama Red, american songwriter that maybe you already know has decided to give back any cent you will spend to buy one of his cds to Obama's campain. It is the moment to do something. Help to make the American Dream come back.

To know more
Panama Red's website

Barack's newsletter
Inscription à la newsletter de Barack Obama

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