Music Medecine Show - Mary-Lou

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Music Medecine Show - Mary-Lou

CCE00003Since we began in 1996, we fight against  the sadness aroundaffiche

Our posters in 2004 were saying "Let's sing and fight"
(design : Jocelyn Lecocq)

In 2005, our postcards were promising a "solution against depression" (design by Leslie Bloch and Marchal Mithouard)

Programme 10 ansIn 2006 the festival organized in Quimper for our 10 years was called : "No Dépression" (design of the poster : Jocelyn Lecocq)

Today Mary-Lou offer to you a new way to happiness :

The Music Medecine Show

Clic here to listen to the jingle (temporary mix)

Thanks to our new formula, the Music Medecine Show, to consume as a cd or live the most often, offers

- to find again your faculties of yesterday and especially your smile

- to fight against paralysis moving your feet

- to find again your old vigour

- to improve your voice singing with us

- many other beneficial effects

Sold without prescription in all the good shops.
The housewife who wish to make her husband happy will offer the Music Medecine Show cd to him !

The head of household style-conscious of the harmony of his home will provide with the cd "Music Medecine Show".


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The studio sessions of Mary-Lou new cd

We are working hard on the recording of our new songs, and here are some pics.

Benoit Perset just recorded the drums on 10 of the 12 titles that will be on the cd. Jean-Luc is done with the bass takes with his new Precision ! Mary played the guitar on 3 songs. Stephane joined thursday to begin his takes  of piano and organ. 4 songs in the day, not bad. But we have to send all the tracks to Pete Winter, in the Talahassee Winterstone Studio , for the mix and the mastering at the beginning of aplril ... Well, let's not panic, we got to speed slowly !

A last minute guest, Dominique Adelin, Mary's fiddle teacher, is gonna play fiddle on one song...

100_1536 100_1534100_1964









Mary-Lou - Irene Good Night

A song from our "Live Music Album"

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An american in Brittany


Tuesday december 22th, our friend Arvid Smith of the Tammerlin band was in our studio for a long day of music.

In the afternoon, he gave a wonderful master class to some lucky Jean-Luc's students.

Concert then, solo first, some blues with Jean-Luc, with the band Mary-Lou, and jam with many guests like Cristine, Marion Thebault, Jean-Paul Raffin of the Lonesome Day band, our piano player, Stéphane Dhondt who sung 2 songs of his new piano solo show, and many others.

Arvid, after a few days of private holidays, left Europe on december 28th. We will keep wonderful memories of that day. THANK YOU ARVID !

You can see the pictures here.

Thanks to Jacques Goascoz for the pictures.

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