Mary-Lou, Hoboes and Rencontres Folk, Country and Western Schedule


ML2017__ 2 hoboes à Bénodet






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Friday april 6th - Ungersheim (68) - "Les vendredis du Trèfle"
20h30 - MJC Espace Le Trèfle - Mary-Lou
Entrée : 10€. Demandeurs d'emploi, étudiants, scolaires : 8€. Moins de 16 ans : 2€.
Special guests Lonesome Day
MJC Espace Le Trèfle - Rue d'Ensisheim, 68190 Ungersheim
Tel : 03 89 48 86 31 - Courriel : letrefle.ungersheim68@orange.fr

Sunday april 8th - Courcouronnes (91)
17h - Espace Simone Signoret - Mary-Lou
Entrée 10€. Demandeurs d'emploi, étudiants, intermittents : 8€ - Moins de 16 ans : 2€.
Réservation auprès de l'association Louise Bell :
Tel : 02 98 58 42 18 - Courriel : louisebell@orange.fr

Saturday 2nd and sunday june 3rd - Bligny sur Ouche (21)
Entre 10h30 et 18h30, pendant ces deux jours, les Hoboes mettront en musique la gare de Bligny sur Ouche et le petit train touristique du CFVO qui fête ses 40 ans.

Thrursday june 21st - Bassens (33) - Mary-Lou - Music Fair
21h - Plein air devant la mairie - Fête de la musique

Friday july 27th - Penmarch (29) - Mary-Lou
21h - Bar Chez Cathy - St Guénolé

Friday august 10th - Saint Jean Mirabel (46) - Mary-Lou
21h- Salle des fêtes

Monday august 20th - Plozévet (29) - Mary-Lou
18h - Festival Mondial folk - Apéro concert place de l'église. Gratuit.

Tuesday august 21st - Villedieu les Poêles (50) - Mary-Lou
20h30 - Place de la mairie - gratuit


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Kingsley Plantation, et Little Talbot Island

Kingsley Plantation, et Little Talbot Island


Tuesday april 21
On Arvid's advice, we visit the Kingslay Plantation.


A very interesting page of history












Thursday april 23
The Mary-Lou tour is over and this morning we left Stephane who flyes back home from Orlando airport. Now we will begin our Hoboes recording tour.








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Florida Mary-Lou band in april 2015

April Mary-Lou tour in Florida :


The french trio will play : 

. thursday april 16th 2015 : Ponte Vedra - JJ's Liberty Bistro - 6:30pm

The shoppes of Ponte Vedra - 330 A1A North - suite 209 - Phone : (904) 273-7980

. friday april 17th 2015 : Neptune Beach Music in the Courtyard - 7pm - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr

Lillie's Coffee Bar - 200 First Street Neptune Beach - Phone : 904.249.2922

. saturday april 18th 2015 : Jacksonville - Riverside Arts Market - 12 to 2:15 - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr

. saturday april 18th 2015 : Jacksonville - Mudville Grille - 7:30 to 9:30 pm - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr

Mudville Grille Complex 3105 Beach Blvd & 3104 Atlantic Blvd. (where Atlantic & Beach Blvds. merge) in Jacksonville, Florida - Reservations (904) 352-7008  or email FlaMusic@bellsouth.net

. sunday april 19th 2015 : Miami (WLRN Radio Michael Stock Show) - 2:00

listen online on http://player.wlrn.org.

. sunday april 19th 2015 : Miami - The Luna Star - 8:30pm - 775 Northeast 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161, phone : (305) 799-7123


Mary-Lou with Lee Hunter (USA 2011 / photo Michael Rutledge)

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The Mary-Lou band 2015 american spring adventure

DSCF0636A nice Mississippi steamboat made with flowers at our friends Kaandorp in Plomeur

 D-1 before we take off.

Here is our schedule so far :

wednesday 8th : train to Roissy

thursday 9th : 9h25 plane to Orlando - arrival at 5:40 local time - road to Jacksonville

friday 10th : show of the Mavericks in the Florida Theater.

monday 13th : Tom Paxton in Clearwater and night at Gram's Place (Tampa) where we will play as a duet may 16th.

thursday avril 16th, show Mary-Lou in Ponte Vedra

friday avril 17th : show Mary-Lou in Neptune Beach

saturday avril 18th : show Mary-Lou in Jacksonville Riverside in the morning, and Mudville Grille at night

sunday avril 19th: interview and showcase at WLRN, Miami in the Michael Stock Show at 2. You can listen to the show on http://player.wlrn.org/. At night, show in theLuna Star in Miami.

thursday avril 23th : Stephan flies back to France, and Mary and Jean-Luc take the road to North Carolina for the Merlefest.

Gail et Tom

Wayne Henderson Helen White_vignmonday and tuesday april 27th and 28th, we begin the recordings with Gail et Tom Watts, old pals. Also, the two days, recording with Wayne Henderson et Helen White in the Virginia hills. We're glad and honored to record with all that people ...

friday, may 1st : We're gonna join Panama Red,  for a gig in Cullman, Al, at the Berkeley Bob's.

saturday and sunday may 2nd and 3rd : recording with Panama.Panama_Red


friday mai 8th : record with the Bluegrass Bombers in Arkansas.

saturday may 9th: Jacksonville (Arkansas) concert with the Bluegrass Bombers


tuesday and wednesday may 12th and 13th : recording with Elisabeth et Lon Williamson in Florida.

Thursday may 14th, no rest, we're with Charley Groth.


saturday may 16th : back to Tampa for a duet gig at Gram's Place.

wednesday may 20th : plane from Orlando to Paris !



In the "free time" we'll have the great pleasure to record with Lee Hunter et Arvid Smith, some of the songs that we shared on stage in the past, and maybe, if we can, we'll try to see Pete Winter, the sound wizard who will mix the album in Tallahassee.

Stay tuned, more informations soon !

usa2015 itin hoboes

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Mary-Lou trio on tour april 2015

Yes we can ...


In april the Mary-Lou trio (Mary : vocals, guitar, fiddle, washboard / Jean-Luc : vocals, guitars, harmonica / Stephane : keyboard and harmony vocals) will tour in Florida :

. thursday april 16th - 6:30 : Ponte Vedra Beach (JJ's Liberty Bistro) The shoppes of Ponte Vedra - 330 A1A North - suite 209 - Phone : (904) 273-7980

. friday april 17th : Neptune Beach (Music in the Courtyard) - 7:00 - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr
Lillie's Coffee Bar - 200 First Street Neptune Beach - Phone : 904.249.2922

. saturday april 18th : Jacksonville (Riverside Arts Market) - 12 to 2:15 - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr

. saturday april 18th : Jacksonville (Mudville Grille) - 7:30 to 9:30 - with Lee Hunter and Joey Kerr
Mudville Grille Complex 3105 Beach Blvd & 3104 Atlantic Blvd. (where Atlantic & Beach Blvds. merge) in Jacksonville, Florida - Reservations (904) 352-7008 - or email FlaMusic@bellsouth.net

. sunday april 19th : Miami (WLRN Radio Michael Stock Show) - 2:00 - to be confirmed 

. sunday april 19th : Miami (the Luna Star) - 8:30 - 775 Northeast 125th Street, North Miami, FL 33161, États-Unis
Téléphone : (305) 799-7123

Of course we are still looking for other places to play between saturday 11th and wednesday 21st of april. If you have any idea or contact (private or public gigs) please let us know.

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The Mary-Lou band summer tour

Many gigs since our unforgettable show in l'Aigle (Normandy) august 11. 

The 13 we were in Bénodet for one of those Folk Country et western meeting, with our friends of the Lonesome Day band, that we love. The same the 14 in St Brieuc (North Brittany) and the 17 in Vichy (Auvergne). With just a Mary-Lou trio Medecine Show in a holiday camp of Trégunc near home.

Just arriving from Vichy, we were leaving for a Mary-Lou show in Luc sur Mer (Normandy) hosted by the tourism office. LOVELY. A crowdy and warm audience in the parc of the town hall And the cider wes great. Super !.

On the road again for a new show in the Western village. Poor of them, since july they had a very strong storm. Noboby hurted, hopefully, but hudge damage. Our sympathy to the team..

We are allowed to take a few days of rest before we leave again to St Cyprien and Metabief. On the road we think of our american friends. We miss you folks.


Agrandir le plan








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The Mary-Lou band summer tour

Back home for a few days ... Sorry, but the miles and the miles (more than 10 000 since june) didn't allow us to post any message on this blog.

On this Music Medecine Show Summer Tour, we played some old stuff like Poste restante, Josephine (in a Zydeco version), Le Dernier As, Les Orages de Poussière, along with titles from our latests cds. We also played this medley as a tribute to Bob Dylan. Here it is shot by Jocelyn Lecocq in Douarnenez.

Mary-Lou : Hommage à Dylan par marylouband


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Mary-Lou concerts in Jax

We have been too busy, we have met too many people, we have played too much music to keep this blog really up to date these last weeks. Sorry. Back in France we are full of memories, of songs of projects.

Let's have a look on our last concerts in USA :


Wednesday 17th we play for the folks of the "Alliance Française" at JJ's bistro, THE french restaurant of the area. It's funny to hear people spek french. We meet many french people who settled down here. A very warm welcome from the audience and the staff. The owner is a guy from Bordeaux who have been living here for years. He has two restaurants and is the best seller of wine from Bordeaux here.

Friday april 19th : Music in the courtyard. A lovely place where we use to play each time we come. We play with Tammerlin a few songs we use to play together. Robin and Matt who are in the Ruby Beach band with Arvid come to play Good Night Irene with us.

Saturday april 20th : Riverside Arts Market :
A local producers market with musical entertainment every saturday morning under the highway. As we are freezing (the temperature here is exceptionnal for april) looking the dolphins play in the St John's River our friends of Tammerlin are playing.

It's up to us behing an audience of friends (it's too cold). But everything here is wonderful for us and people are so friendly and kind, the sound is fine, we keep on livig our dream.


We met a girl from Brittany who cooks crepes in the market. Very nice. We play Josephine near the Van. The crepes are the best we eat since we left France.

100_3176At night we play at the European Street .
A very fine concert. Many friends, good acoustic, it's always a pleasure to play here. Lee and Arvid come to play a few tunes with us. Good memories. We have to say good bye to our folks of Jax for this time. We're sad.

Sunday, we are lucky to be hosted by Lis and Lon of the Gaterbone Band. A fine house concerts with fine people and music. Thank you for hosting us.

Then we leave Florida for several festivals as the Merlefest in north Carolina, where we meet Michael Martin Murphey, the guy who wrote Cherokee Fiddle that Jean-Luc sings in our latest cd with Lonesome Day. Very interesting. He tells us how the song was born, as he was driving his son, 4 years ago, (with him on the picture) to take the train for the first time in Colorado.






Then we take a ride on the City of new Orleans, the train that gave its name to the Steve Goodman's song.

Now we're back in France. We can't wait to go to US again to see you folks.

Take care of music, take care of you.

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Mary-Lou in Florida

Wednesday april 2 we were at the Tammerlin 20th anniversary celebration concert with many guests.

Mary sung with Lee on "Meet me in New Orleans", I habe been participating at "See that my grave is kept clean" and, all of us, we ended the show with a beautiful Dylan song that Arvid sings like nobody elses "Nobody can sing the blues like blind Willie Mac Tell". We met many friends there, it was great. Thanks Tammerlin.Felicie_usa_2013_045



Felicie_usa_2013_130The Luna Star is the only place in Miami dedicated to folk music. We are glad to meet Alexis and Keith. A small lovely room, with good acoustic, a friendly audience, a wonderful listening. We talk with people about music, politics, .... Some are musicians, like the duet "Box of light, Music that helps you feel good and think well". All of them are interesting. The next day, rendez-vous at the Gram's Place, in Tampa, a kind of youth hostel holded by Bruce a lovely guy who became a good friend of us.Felicie_usa_2013_140

Felicie_usa_2013_141The name of this place comes frm Gram Parsons, a wonderful musician who died in tragic circonstances. The project began with Mark, Bruce,s brother. He died too early and Bruce keeps his dream alive. Two woman take the boat for Europe next day. There is a young woman from Brest. Lovely athmosphere. We dring some beers and talk with Bruce, and he shows us the dress Emmylou Harris was wearing on the cover of an album.JL_usa_2013_004

JL_usa_2013_002He want us to listen to his friend from Australia australienne Audrey Auld that we already know  thanks to our friend Roland of Rouen.

Next step North Carolina.

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Tour in America

Affiche Mary-Lou 2007

We will be on tour in Florida and North Carolina next April, just as a duet, Mary and Jean-Luc with our own songs, folk, americana with a french touch, and covers of the great songwriters we love like Arlo Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers and many others.

It's a great pleasure for us to be back in USA, and to meet again our friends of the Tammerlin band.

Check our dates in the schedule section.

Hope to see you there.


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